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Currency Exchange in Malaysia

Currency exchange in Malaysia happens mostly in banks and authorized money changers, although major hotels are also licenses to exchange currencies in the form of traveler’s cheques and notes. Expats, however, generally find it hard to change currencies outside major tourist spots. Most expatriate will check with its bank in home country to see if currency exchange is of interest or if a USD account will be needed at first.

Contact A Money Transfer Broker Today

Most of the foreign exchange brokers named on our comparison table will offer you rates that are far better than traditional banks.

As these specialists transfer thousands of Pounds, Euros and Dollars every day they can offer a better exchange rate while still making a very little margin for themselves.

This service will prove particularly important when you:
                  • Make regular payments (Mortgage, Pension, Salary…)
                  • Buy a property abroad
                  • Invest overseas
                  • Emigrate
                  • Transfer large amounts overseas…

Compare the foreign exchange companies and apply through the request form to get the best margins or rates.

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Halo Financial

Halo Financial
1%0.2 – 1% (Depending on Volume)YesYesFree transfers for amounts over £10,000£250All Freely Tradable CurrenciesBank to Bank Transfers, Cheques

Halo Financial provide both Corporate and Private Clients with information and guidance to help them save money on their currency requirement.

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More info on Halo Financial in Malaysia >

Currency Index

Currency Index
0.60%0.25% - 0.60% (Depending on volume)YesYes£7 or £12 - No fee above for transfers above £30,000No minimumWide range of major and exotic currenciesBank to Bank Transfers, Spot, Forward contract, Limit or Stop Loss Order

Currency Index is a specialist foreign exchange brokerage, providing fast and secure international transfers for individuals and businesses. Our service is second to none with excellent rates of exchange on a wide variety of currencies and our professional teams of brokers are here to provide guidance.

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More info on Currency Index in Malaysia >


0.6%0.25% - 1% (Depending on volume)YesYes£0£1,000 or £250 Regular Payments76 CurrenciesBank to bank - one off or regular payments

Moneycorp specialises in foreign exchange and international payments and can help protect you from adverse currency fluctuations. They can also help you lock into favourable exchange rates, even if you don’t have all the funds available immediately.

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More info on Moneycorp in Malaysia >

Ebury Partners

Ebury Partners
0.6%0.1 to 0.6% depending on volumeyesyes£10 on amounts below £5,000£1,00051 AccountsSpot, Forward

Ebury Partners is a currency exchange specialist offering the best rates possible - typically savings of up to 4% over what your bank will offer - along with personable, consultative client service. If you’re looking to move money abroad - be it a one-off or regular payment, to buy a home or even emigrate completely - Ebury Partners will save you money and make the entire process as quick and pleasant as possible.

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More info on Ebury Partners in Malaysia >


1%0.1% - 1% (Depending on volume)YesNo£0£1,00027 accountsTransfers from and to bank accounts

VFX handles currency conversion for private individuals and businesses, offering a reliable, guaranteed service with the best exchange rates.

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More info on Voltrex in Malaysia >


0.70%0.25% - 0.7% (Depending on volume)YesYes£0 on trades above £5,000£25040 accountsSpot Contract, Forward Contract, Limit Order, Stop loss Order

TorFX helps individuals and companies who need to make currency transfers, providing bank beating exchange rates, specialist advice and free international transfers as an alternative to using the major banks. 

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More info on TorFX in Malaysia >

World First

World First
1%0.25% - 1% (Depending on volume)YesYes£0 on trades above £5,000£1,000 (£250 for regular payments)ALL currenciesBank to Bank transfer

World First is one of UK’s leading foreign exchange broker headquartered in London, with further offices in Australia and New Zealand. World First is a privately owned company with no debts or liabilities and a 2A1 Credit rating.

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More info on World First in Malaysia >

Guides & Articles for Currency Exchange in Malaysia

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To be able to work legally in Malaysia, an individual needs to first secure employment before lodging a visa application. Together with other requirements such as possession of a passport and other personal documents, a written offer from a Malaysian employer or a foreign company operating in Malaysia is needed. Those working in an international firm with a branch in Malaysia may ask to be posted there. Those who enter the country are expected to have a valid national passport or a travel...
  • Cost of Living in Malaysia

    Wednesday, 14 September 2011 As it is, Malaysia is one of the most affordable cities to live in and this is significantly attributed to the government's efforts to keep the Malaysian Ringgit competitive with other currencies in the world. Hence, citizens, migrants, tourists, or expats are always on the winning end.
  • Cost of living in Kuala Lumpur

    Sunday, 11 December 2011 Internet is widely available; broadband services cost approximately RM60-70 (USD$21). Internet cafes cost approximately RM3 (USD$1) per hour. Prepaid internet is available and denominations include RM10 (USD$2.93), RM20 (USD5.87), RM50 (USD$14.68) and RM100 (USD$29.36).
Prestige Overseas Health Care!
Prestige Overseas Health Care!

Learn more about AXA PPP’s multiple levels of international health coverage and get quality and versatile plans!

US Expat Tax Filing
US Expat Tax Filing

US expats are expected to continue filing taxes in the US even while living abroad. Get expert help to prepare your tax today.

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Simple and free city guides to prepare your relocation, housing tips, visa, everyday expat life...

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Foreign currency and currency exchange are daily hassles for those living abroad, but with ExpatFinder you can send money through remittance companies and transfer money to your loved ones easily and quickly. Money transfer and foreign currency exchange has never been easier than with ExpatFinder. Learn all about international money transfers and compare to find the best currency exchange rates and more, all the while knowing you are saving money by using the best currency exchange companies with the best rates.

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